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Trad and crypto market trend signals, bubble watch, macroeconomic regime shifts, portfolio updates, and other musings from the Macro Sherpa.

Sherpa Trend Signal Updates 2024-03-31

Okay. We may have reached the phase of the bull market where everything is already long. * Total signal flips: 1 * New longs: 1 (1 crypto) * New shorts: 0 * Best (aka only) crypto idea: ATOM * Best aka only. Chain interoperability still a thing. * Small sample size, but solid short term hit rate for a quick swing (19% mean forward return on 18 signals). * Best trad idea: N/A Not much to comment on here. Let’s get to the sig... CRYPTO Short Term Trend (3 month lookback) Asse

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The Macro Sherpa evolved over years on the desk as an analyst at multiple billion dollar asset managers. Quantitative models, tools, and analysis were de rigueur.

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