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Debt Input

1. Select debt type.
2. Add Debts.

How to Use the Debt Payoff Calculator

  • 1. Select debt type:
    • - Amortizing (eg. mortgage, student loans, auto note, SBA loans, medical debt, personal loans, etc.)
    • - Revolving (eg. credit card, home equity line of credit (HELOC), etc.)
  • 2. Input the relevant required characteristics for the debt:
    • - Label
    • - Interest Rate
    • - Principal amount outstanding
    • - Duration of the loan (amortizing only)
    • - Prepayment amount (optional)
  • 4. Click Calculate Payoff. 💸
  • 5. Repeat steps 1-4 to add all your debts to the visualization.
  • 6. Input your total assets and monthly income to calculate your Household Leverage Ratio (HLR) and Debt Service Ratio (DSR aka as Debt-to-income/DTI).
  • 7. Generate your personalized debt Avalanche or Snowball plan (requires more than one debt).
  • 8. Deep breath. You know what they say about how to eat an 🐘...