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Rebalancer Input

1. Select rebalance type. (Learn More)
2. Input currnet portfolio.

Portfolio Rebalancing Calculator Steps

  • 1. Pick your portolfio rebalancing algorithm:
    • - Equal Dollar Weight
    • - Equal Volatility Weight
    • - Heirarchical Risk Parity
    • - Custom
  • 2. Input your current holdings (and desired weight if custom selected in step 1). Mark 'Cash' to add a cash balance.
  • 3. Select your rebalance frequency (optional).
  • 4. Click Rebalance.
  • 5. Reference the Buy/Sell quantity in the Trade Blotter for placing your rebalancing trades. CSV export available.
  • 6. Bask in your equilibrium. 😮‍💨

Check out our blog post How to Rebalance Your Portfolio to learn more.